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About Snuff Puppets

Snuff Puppets is Australia’s leading giant puppet experimental theatre company.

Founded in 1992, their work transcends language barriers, connects with diverse audiences and engineers puppet audience collisions that leave all parties breathless.

We create theatrical experiences that are visceral and accessible. All that is taboo in our society we tackle, with a vulgar, irreverent, gratuitously violent and comic sensibility.

We call upon the laws of cartoon humour to take the place of gravity and conjure up the spirits of the dead to keep the living in line. Our anarchic sense of fun and our splendid sense of tragedy unites to portray the foibles and flaws of human nature.

We arrive like a circus, parading through the town using our outdoor and roaming performances to entice audiences inside the theatre. We have expanded our possible audience to include performances at pubs, nightclubs, street events, festivals and rock concerts.

Essential to our work are the trademark Snuff Puppet elements: a blackly dangerous humour, an incisive political satire, shamelessly handmade visual aesthetic; populist, free, joyous conflagration of art, audience and artist.

- words by pauline cady

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