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Circus Olé
Circus Olé
Circus Olé
Circus Olé
Circus Olé
Circus Olé
Circus Olé
Circus Olé
Circus Olé

Circus Olé

The award-winning acrobat and the world-famous Snuff Puppets have joined forces to create Circus Olé! G'day and welcome to Circus Olé!

Featuring the fabulous flying Farelli Family: starring the beautiful Phyllis, the amazing Dazzle, graceful and daring Buddy and the mesmerising Hose Rodriguez Martinez Farelli, with their extraordinary skill and defiant high-flying talents.

Also introducing our wonderful array of wild and exotic animals and their fearless handlers.
Kareem, the African Elephant, weighing in at seven tonnes with high-riding trainer Mustapha Saleem.
Lucy and Lu Lu, the rare giant Chinese Mathematical Dogs.
Also featuring the little white dog, Laurent, elegantly handled by Miss Froo Froo.

Anyone afraid of crocodiles?
Well look out as Johnny the Man-Eating Crocodile takes on Neville da Silva, the strongest man in Melbourne!
Circus Olé also features Trained Cows and Giant Seagulls dancing for your entertainment.

So come on down, kick back and relax for a great time out with the whole family.
Enjoy Circus Olé! And remember...
We say G'day, you say Olé!

Background to Circus Olé

Circus Olé features two traditional circus families, the Famous De Silvas (Snuff Puppets), who presented animal acts and the Fabulous Farelli family (acrobat), highly skilled acrobats and aerialists.

After the Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals removed the De Silvas’ animals in the 1980s, their Famous Animal Kingdom was re-created by building giant puppet ‘substitutes’: life-sized dogs, cows, flying seagulls, a crocodile and even a four person elephant. Economic hardship forced the De Silvas and Farellis to team up and create this glamourously unique, all new - CIRCUS OLÉ!

The inspiration for Circus Olé came from, and is a tribute to, the resilience of traditional hard-working Australian circuses like the Silvers, Ashtons and Circus Royale. In the spirit of this tradition, the artistes and the puppet animals take to the streets in high-energy parades to advertise the upcoming shows. As the audience are entering, the Circus Olé Band play popular tunes whilst the set becomes alive with circus characters warming up and preparing for the big show.

The families’ live-in caravans are used as the backdrop and set, revealing to the audience an intimacy that is both humble and romantic. Audiences enjoy the genuinely skilful, dangerous and absorbing circus acts whilst witnessing the struggles that come with running an impoverished circus.

The cheesy humanity of Circus Olé will inspire all to believe that anything is possible.


'Adelaide Fringe 2006 Circus / Physical Theatre Award' winner.

Show's History

Hoopla Festival, Sydney - April 2006
Melbourne Commonwealth Games March 2006
Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2006
Big West Festival, Melbourne 2003

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