Human Body Parts
Human Body Parts

Human Body Parts

Human Body Parts (H.B.P.) is a playful surreal exploration that awakens our senses of being like never before.

Hand, Mouth, Nose, Foot, Ear and Eye all disembodied giants with a mind of their own. You’ll find an H.B.P. lurking down a backstreet or taking sun in the mall. H.B.P awakens our sense of being like never before.

>> Watch the H.B.P entertain the crowds at Federation Square.
Thanks to City of Melbourne for their support.

Download a flyer for our roaming H.B.P.
>> Human Body Parts Flyer (PDF)


25 minute sets, 1 to 3 times per day

Minimum 2: one puppet and one minder
Maximum 6: five puppets and one minder

Large dressing space away from public gaze.
Hand - 3.4m high, 2.1m long
Foot - 1.8 high, 4.2m long
Eye - 1.1m high, 1.2m wide
Mouth 2m high, 2m long
Ear - 2m high, 1.2m wide

3 – 10 cubic metres

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For enquiries about a performance or commissioning your own giant puppet contact us.

Photos by Jorge de Araujo

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